37 weeks pregnant
and what a journey it has been - baby boy cooking safely inside and just playing the waiting game until we meet him now <3 xxx

 Finally pregnant!

It took 10 cycles over 15 months to do it but we have :) I am only 6 weeks pregnant at the moment so we are cautious but so happy. There is a hell of a lot of stuff going on with my body - a lot of stretching going on inside which feels a lot like period pains but I am assured is normal. I have nausea and extreme exhaustion, like nothing I have ever felt before! I am so glad, I am trying to enjoy it whilst also trying to be realistic that I could still lose it. 

C9 CD2
39 day cycle in the end - which is fine but meant my calculations about ovulating were out of whack by 9 days :(

I don't know why I got POPKs maybe it was too early in the morning when I tested.

Feels like the only reasonable way to do this is to BD a few times a week from CD14 until CD21, then do it everyday until my temp shifts.

Really hard. 

C8 CD18

CD14: 30th April - positive OPK
CD13-16: 29th, 30th, 1st, 2nd - BD
CD18: 14th - negative OPK

So expect temp to go up tomorrow (CD19) or the next day (CD20 like last month). And then wait!
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C8 CD4
 Well, a 30 day cycle! Who would believe it?! Measured BBT too so saw when I ovulated and when my period was about to come. Amazing.

17th March - CD1
6th April - CD20 temp up

So I am going to get some OPKs and test from CD15 or so every other day and hope to catch the ovulation!

30th April - OPKing begins.  
10th  May - expect temp to go down?
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C7 CD1
 Ok so got my period. 45 day long cycle - not too bad. Seemed like it could have been a short luteal phase though so this may be a problem - but I don't know for sure because I missed a few days monitoring my BBT. 

C6 CD42
Ok so this is a longer cycle that my last one BUT

I have been taking my temperature and it has definitely shifted up! for the last 3 days I have a markedly higher temperature, this is very exciting because for the first time in 11 months it looks like I will have caught myself ovulating! whoop! I was really starting to think I wasn't ovulating at all but I think I have just been missing it due to the irregularity of my cycles. So if my temp stays up and then I have a period - fine, I am so happy to be ovulating! It is possible it might stay up for 3 weeks plus, meaning I'm pregnant. I went back and checked when we had BDd just before the temp shift and I think we only did it once in the 48 hours before - so it's unlikely but possible I'm pregnant. So, I predict I will have a 54 cycle - let's see if I am right! :)

C6 CD4
 So I am at the end of my period. My cycle was just 39 days long, incredible following one that was 103 days long. I am taking my temperature this cycle and will be checking for ovulatory signs since we have way of predicting when that will happen!

C5 D13
September 2nd - 14th December: a 103 day cycle.

Went to doctor and had blood tests which came back as 'consistent  with ovulation' and 'normal' for hormone levels... which is good news but doesnt explain why I have just had a 103 day cycle.

So we have no idea when I will ovulate except that it will be after January 4th... almost certainly.

Christmas eve marked 8 months of TTC.

C4 CD69
C4 CD69 should say it all really..... :( 7 months of TTC and failing.

BFN today.

No POPK all cycle. I BBTed for the first month and OPKd but then was just like wtf, so have done it periodically since with no positive results for anything.

I am due my smear soon so will talk to the nurse then.

Stressed at work.

Sad sad sad. 
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