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C6 CD42
Ok so this is a longer cycle that my last one BUT

I have been taking my temperature and it has definitely shifted up! for the last 3 days I have a markedly higher temperature, this is very exciting because for the first time in 11 months it looks like I will have caught myself ovulating! whoop! I was really starting to think I wasn't ovulating at all but I think I have just been missing it due to the irregularity of my cycles. So if my temp stays up and then I have a period - fine, I am so happy to be ovulating! It is possible it might stay up for 3 weeks plus, meaning I'm pregnant. I went back and checked when we had BDd just before the temp shift and I think we only did it once in the 48 hours before - so it's unlikely but possible I'm pregnant. So, I predict I will have a 54 cycle - let's see if I am right! :)


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