C4 CD20
OK I have just read TCOYF ... and need to reassess everything I have been doing!

The book says that the luteal phase will only be 14-16 days long. Given my cycles are so long I would assume the higher end. This means I will always ovulate this long before my period so:

C2: POPK at CD24 out of 64!
C3: nothing before CD32 then I stopped and assumed I had missed it or anovulated

so either a. the OPK wrongly tested positive which could be because with PCOS LH surges can happen when not ovulating or my luteal phase is very long which apparently wouldn't happen unless you're anovulating. So either way points to anovulation which might just be the end of me if true. I am not sure I have the strength.

So here I am on C4 CD20. I am OPKing - got 20 for £5 so I can test every other day. I am hoping that if I keep OPKing right up to the CD40s I should get a positive and realise I do ovulate that late on and we can then focus our BDing on that phase. I am also measuring my BBT now too which should give a really clear picture about if/when I am ovulating through temp shift. 

In short new plan is:
1. BBT everyday and chart
2. OPK every other day
3. Pin down ovulation phase

If I just do that and don't worry about pregnant this cycle it should be a big help.

C4 CD2
Right - AF is here. I had a 51 day cycle this time - more than 10 days shorter than my last one which explains why I missed my ovulation... annoying!

So this cycle I am going to chart and measure and test because I clearly cannot rely on doing anything in a regular fashion.

App on my phone thinks I will be fertile ~23rd September... we'll see phone, we'll see...

I did lose 7 pounds which may have screwed up my cycle a bit, and I fell down the stairs yesterday which could have shocked my body into a period, I have no idea. Anyway, round 4!

C3 CD32
So, I am on CD32 of my 3rd cycle. But don't seem to have ovulated...

I started OPKing around CD14 because last cycle I Od at CD24. I have been OPKing on and off since then to try and catch it, and specifically every other day since CD24 but with all negative results. I did however go on holiday for a week CD15-21 and didn't OPK at all because I thought it was way too early. I have also the last few days had the kind of CM you would expect just before ovulation.

The good news is we've been BDing a few times a week anyway including when on holiday so if I have ovulated and missed it we may have been active at the right time regardless. 

The bad news is that I may not have ovulated and might be anovulating which would really really suck :-(  

We've talked about adoption recently and found we're both comfortable with the idea - early days yet but still good to know.

I started trying 4 months ago so in 2 months I will see a doctor, and in 8 months I would be eligible for fertility treatment. In the mean time I am getting older and older. I don't consider my self old but I feel old to be starting a process that might take years. If only I had known earlier. 

I have also started weight watchers again, I know as soon as I go to the doctors they will tell me to lose weight so I am starting now. And it might help me regulate my cycles. 

I hope you're all doing better than me. Baby dust!
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C3 CD2
Got AF yesterday - on our anniversary....

This cycle is I am going to
1. Eat low GI only from end of AF to O day
2. Exercise every day from end of AF to O day
3. Track my BBT from Thursday 
4. OPK from a sensible date, not sure what this is yet
5. Not pregnancy test until AFTER CD60 I must be strong on this one!
6. Eat drink and be merry as normal until I know I am pregnant

So I may not be updating this as much - I am going not to be so obsessive this cycle. 2 months is too long to hold my breath.

D77 C2 CD61 34DPO

I am not going to test again until Wednesday - CD64 when my period should absolutely be due. It's our 8th wedding anniversary tomorrow so I just hoped I could give him the good news as a gift.

D75 C2 CD59 32DPO
Sore boobies still.

Nauseous this morning, couldn't finish breakfast.

I have my driving test tomorrow morning which I think is making me nervous and feeling sick, not expecting to pass but is still a bit stressful. I have run out of pg tests and should wait until Wednesday at CD64 but would like to test on Monday - our 8th wedding anniversary.

D72 C2 CD56 29DPO
 Ow boobies!


D71 C2 CD55 28DPO
I  am sure I am not pregnant and this cycle is just going to be a 60 day one, but just to note for the record my boobs are as sore as anything right now, walking hurt, sitting up in bed hurt, driving yesterday hurt!!

D70 C2 CD54 27DPO

D68 C2 CD52 25DPO

If I am not pregnant please can I have my period so I can get on with th next cycle?


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